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8 Video Lessons w/ Gregory

Watch, learn and be equipped to  heal your soul, free your mind and reawaken you to your purpose.  



During these powerful sessions, Gregory will empower you to deal with the challenges of life without avoiding your pain. 


Individual Workbook

A downloadable workbook that activates you to win the battle of the mind and find lasting freedom. 

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Discover A Roadmap to Change Your Life from the Inside Out!

God longs to heal your soul, free your mind, and reawaken you purpose. In the Soul Cure E-course, Gregory Dickow outlines a roadmap to change your life from the inside out.  Receive practical keys to deal with challenges and internal battles while discovering the simple steps that will unlock lasting emotional healing. 

So many of us are stuck in cycles of addiction, emotional pain,and suffering. Gregory shares practical keys to dealing with negative emotions and intrusive thoughts. Gregory suffered from crippling depression at a young age, yet when he encountered God’s love, he experienced the soul healing that only Jesus can bring. He reveals simple steps to emotional healing and wholeness.

A broken soul creates a broken life and shattered dreams, but Jesus wants to set you free and heal you, so you can walk in your destiny. 

As you learn about the root causes of human suffering you will be empowered  to step into break the barriers every time you encounter a challenge. Step into forgiveness and recieve physical and emotional healing.  As you step into gratitude, you will practice thankfulness as a weapon against the enemy of negativity. Your perception and experience of God will be radically transformed as you realize God is not mad at you, He’s mad about you!

Unleash the power inside you as you step into new levels of healing, freedom, and power beyond what you’ve imagined was possible. Now is the time to say YES to God and live the life you were destined for!

Here’s what you’ll get

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8 Video Lessons

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Individual Workbook

2 Live Q&A's

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Here’s what’s inside

01: Soul Cure

Become aware of the true nature of Jesus and focus on His beauty so your soul can heal itself. Replace the negative lens through which you’re conditioned to view the world and feed your soul on beauty.

02: Pain into Purpose

Break free from the limitations of pain by naming it, framing it, and taming it. Instead of suppressing or trying to escape pain, recognize it as a signal that points you to God, so every challenge leads you into barrier-breaking territory.

03: The Power of Love

Get transformed by the life-changing truth that God is not mad at you, He’s mad about you! Grow in your confidence that Jesus loves you, because your miracle begins with the belief in God’s love.

04: Forgiveness

Discover that forgiving others is simply an overflow of receiving God’s radical forgiveness for yourself. Let Jesus interrupt the guilt, self-punishment, and suffering, so you can let go of the weight of your past sins and mistakes to walk in freedom of forgiveness.

05: Gratitude

Receive practical keys to fostering an attitude of gratitude and focusing on what makes you thank and praise God. Learn how to activate your gratitude and use it as a weapon against the enemy of negativity.

06: Identity Theft

Unveil the enemy’s strategy to drive people into isolation and loneliness and recognize it’s God’s design for us to be part of a healthy family and church. Discover the royal identity God has given you which destroys any sense of inferiority.

07: The Power of Emotions (Part 1)

Learn that your emotions aren’t sinful things that should be suppressed, but parts of you that you have power over. Discover practical steps to overcoming depression and managing your thoughtlife, so you can experience emotional freedom in Jesus.

08:The Power of Emotions (Part 2)

Learn how to deal with negative emotions like anger, so that you gain back the power God has given you. Recognize how the enemy is trying to use guilt and shame to accuse you and choose God’s opinion over your life instead.

Gregory Dickow 

Gregory Dickow’s passion is to see the reality of God’s unconditional love change people’s thinking and emotions. Gregory and his wife Grace are the founders and senior pastors of Life Changers International Church in Chicago. For over 25 years, they’ve helped people find healing, hope, and transformation through the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

His revolutionary breakthrough teaching, “Fast from Wrong Thinking”, has become a global movement, reaching millions of households worldwide through online streaming and television. Gregory is the author of books like “Fast From Wrong Thinking”, “The Power to Change Today” and “So Loved”, the creator of Chicago’s top-ranked Christian talk show, “Ask the Pastor”, and the host of the popular television program, “Power to Change Today”.

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