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Simple Spiritual Warfare demystifies spiritual warfare and gives you the tools to start effectively engaging with the Spirit realm!

We live in a spiritual world. Angels and demons are real, and as a child of God, you have been given MORE authority than you realize, but you must learn how to live from that reality. In Simple Spiritual Warfare, Alex Parkinson takes you on a journey with keys and strategies to empower you as you puruse. the freedom and breakthrough Jesus paid for you to have!  

Effective spiritual warfare doesn’t have to be confusing and complicated. In 9 Comprehensive lessons, recieve tools that will leave you with a simple and effective plan  that will change your daily life and the lives of your family.   

Simple Spiritual Warfare provides not just information, but a door to a new experience with spiritual warfare. If you are ready to take new ground for yourself and your family, this is your invitation to be equipped to face life’s spiritual battles with confidence and victory!

Unleash the extraordinary in the ordinary with Simple Spiritual Warfare!

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Alex Parkinson

Alex Parkinson is a seasoned spiritual leader, speaker, and author dedicated to empowering individuals on their faith journey. With a passion for guiding others through the complexities of spiritual warfare, Alex’s teachings seamlessly blend profound biblical insights with practical wisdom. As the founder of the Zion Company ministry, he extends his transformative message globally, fostering spiritual growth and resilience. Alex’s dynamic approach, coupled with a heart for genuine connection, has touched the lives of many, making him a respected figure in the realm of spiritual mentorship. Whether through courses, books, or live events, Alex continues to inspire and equip believers, encouraging them to rise above challenges and embrace their divine purpose.

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01: the 2 Pitfalls

There are two common pitfalls Christians fall into when facing spiritual warfare, and either can be detrimental to true victory through the cross. Stand firm as a follower of Jesus, not being swayed to either the secular or hyper religious extremes!

02: The 3 Battlegrounds

There are 3 battlegrounds that every believer encounters in their spiritual journey. It is crucial to learn to distinguish between these as you face the challenges of your spiritual walk with true discernment.

03: Discernment

Identify and overcome spiritual attacks with tools to navigate your spiritual journey confidently. 

04: Foundational Strategies

By practicing the elements of discernment, repentance, rebuking, resistance, and dwelling, you can begin to live fully in the freedom Jesus paid for you to have!

05: BOW

 By choosing to do the sacred practices outlined in this session, you can renew your mind, break free of wrong thinking, and align with God’s purposes for your life. 

06: The Sacred Place

We must focus on creating a sacred space for the Presence of God. We have an invitation from God to live in constant connection and communion with Him. From this palce we engage in spiritual warfare. 


You are called to be a freedom fighter in the kingdom of God. You are not just called to be delivered, but to become a deliverer for others!

08: Your Spiritual Atmosphere  

Protecting the spiritual atmosphere around you is crucial. Vigilantly guarding your heart is an act of spiritual warfare, and it’s crucial to fortify yourself so that you can remain centered in His truth.

What Are People Saying?



Founder of Ignite The Globe & Host of The Glory Realm

“I highly recommend “Simple Spiritual Warfare” with Alex Parkinson. I have witnessed the fruit of Alex Parkinson’s ministry. The very nature of modern-day ministry is deliverance. Alex Parkinson’s ministry has demonstrated the victory of Jesus Christ over the devil through healings, deliverance, and other supernatural works throughout various nations. In this e-course, you will learn highly valuable insights into spiritual warfare, which are essential for every believer, and you will be equipped to become a weapon in the hand of God!”


Senior Leader at Eden, President of Renaissance Coalition, and Professor at www.supernaturaledu.com

“Isn’t it time you cleaned up your airspace? Alex Parkinson has revolutionized spiritual warfare, equipping a generation with this new course. Alex is a unique hybrid minister who functions in the office of prophet and evangelist, and I know this school will serve as a key which will open a true realm of freedom and deliverance in the Spirit.”


Founder of Destiny Encounters International & Author of Strategies for Your Victory in Spiritual Warfare

“For more than a decade I’ve witnessed the true depth of spiritual hunger in Alex Parkinson as he seeks to live and impart the Kingdom of God around the world. He is a miracle evangelist, a revivalist, and a gifted teacher of the Word of God. Alex demystifies the complexities of Spiritual warfare without watering down or making light of the matter. It’s time for you to tear down the demonic altars that have hindered your life so you can see the manifestation of God’s glory in your midst.”

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