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During these powerful sessions, John will help you take back the territory the enemy has taken.


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The devil has a plot, but God has a plan for your life!

Believers around the world are crying out because of the intense spiritual warfare they’re experiencing. The fight has gotten more intense so we need to get to the next level. Spiritual Warfare – On the Frontlines  crucial gives you the crucial tools and insights God has for the Body of Christ to be more than conquerors.

John Ramirez is teaching you how to fight the good fight, using insider knowledge from the enemy’s playbook. He was a part of the devil’s camp from the of age 8-35 until he was radically saved and transformed by Jesus Christ. Now, he is helping transform the Body of Christ to walk with God and expose the kingdom of darkness. 

The time to hide on the back row as a “cruise ship Church” is over, the real Church is a battleship that’s taking back the territory the enemy has stolen. Discover how to defeat the enemy in such a way that he doesn’t think twice about coming back to challenge you. Deal with the tactics and manifestations that try to incarcerate you. Step into the battlefield with the right mindset and own your atmosphere so you can be steadfast and unshakable. Learn how to discern the voice of God and understand the parallels of the kingdom of darkness, so you recognize the enemy when he comes as an angel of light.

Get awakened to the incredible authority you have in Jesus Christ so that the enemy can’t distort or distract your mind!

It’s time to take back the territory that the enemy has stolen.



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01: Cultivating Your Relationship with the Holy Spirit

Realize the importance of cultivating your relationship with the Holy Spirit. Discover why it’s important to frequently change up the way you spend time with God, so that the enemy doesn’t learn your blueprint.

02: Your Spiritual GPS

Learn how to build, strengthen, and reconstruct your inner man as your spiritual GPS. Deal with anything that’s blocking you or keeping you stagnant, so that you can move forward.

03: What’s Your Name? 

 The enemy is trying to substitute the things of Jesus. It’s time to destroy what’s trying to hurt you. Deal with the enemy’s tactics and manifestations that try to incarcerate you. Learn how to fight the demonic without getting caught up in the substitute fight.

04: The Heavenlies

Learn how the devil operates from the second heaven and how you can use your authority to shut the door. Understand that the true spiritual fight happens in the heavenlies, and that you are seated in the place of victory and dominion!

05: Your Atmosphere

Reflect on what influences and who you give access to your atmosphere. Learn how to manage the atmosphere of your life, so that the enemy can’t permeate your spirit with his accusations or access the places God entrusted to you.

06: Generational Curses

Receive practical insights to addressing generational curses, so that you can identify the issue and stand in authority. Break any legal rights that your family might have given to the enemy and speak life into dead places, so that from this day forward, the only thing you pass on to the next generation are God’s blessings.

07: The Battle of the Mind

The first thing the enemy wants to control is your mind. Stop believing the lies and deceptions of the enemy that try to make you question the Holy Spirit. Defeat the devil by winning the battle of the mind.

06: Protect Your Season

Learn practical keys to protecting what God has given you and guard your salvation. Develop deep-rooted beliefs in the power of Jesus that anchor you no matter what storm you’re facing.  Understand the things the Holy Spirit reveals to you as pieces of the puzzle, so you understand your unique assignment for your life. This is how you protect what God has entrusted you with, so you can make Jesus Christ proud!

John Ramirez

Evangelist and teacher John Ramirez is passionate about equipping believers for their spiritual battles because he’s experienced the realms of darkness firsthand. Raised in an impoverished ghetto neighborhood, John dedicated his life to the forces of darkness — until God intervened and saved him, literally snatching him from the grips of hell. 

Now, John is dedicated to discipling sons and daughters of God to engage with victory in their own spiritual battles. Through his powerful testimony and teaching, John equips believers around the world to understand scripture and walk in intimacy with God so they can resist the lies and schemes of the enemy.

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Discover how to Defeat the enemy in such a way that he doesn’t think twice about challenging you again!