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Undo the Spiritual Legalities that are in the Way of your Unanswered Prayer!

Do you realize that much of the spiritual warfare you face takes place in a courtroom that you have a legal right to operate in? You will stand before God as judge and seek verdicts  that will produce the breakthrough that you have been waiting years for! 

The enemy is always looking for ways to accuse the life of a believer. One of the ways he tries to do this is by bringing legal cases in the spirit against you. If you have seen negative cycles play out in your life and the lives of your family, it is very likely there is a case being made against you in the spirit. But with just one judgment in the Courts of Heaven, patterns of delay, sickness, or poverty can be reversed and ruled in your favor!

Throughout this course, Robert Henderson will give you a solid Biblical foundations for every concept that is taught as well as all the protocols  to seek judgment on your behalf. 

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Through 14 weeks of Teaching & Activations, you will:

Cancel the legal cases being brought against you in the Court of Heaven

Break curses over your family line!

Receive healing that has been stalled in the spirit

Reclaim generational blessings and inheritances!

Discover the power of bringing evidence to God on your behalf

Agree with the testimonies in your life to win your case

Call back the prodigals in your life

Revoke the power of iniquity and receive your breakthrough!

Here’s What’s Inside


As a believer in Christ you have a right to seek righteous verdicts from the Courts of Heaven. Much of our spiritual warfare actually takes place in a courtroom, not a battlefield and because of Jesus’ sacrifice ,you have a legal right to present your case to God and seek a ruling on your behalf.


God planned everything He wanted for you and wrote it in your book of destiny. The enemy is trying to destroy that destiny by building a legal case against you in the spirit. As you learn the principles of operating in the Courts of Heaven, you will begin to see breakthroughs in areas that have been held up for years! 


One of the most effective ways to present a case in the Court of Heaven is to put God into remembrance on your behalf. By reminding Him of your history as well as the promises God has made, you are presenting evidence in the spiritual realm that will support a verdict on your behalf and bring breakthrough!

04: Healing

Jesus’ blood has completely paid the price for your healing, but at times the Enemy uses sin and generational issues to bring a legal case against you and block healing. Stand up in faith and enter the Courts of Heaven to revoke his accusations and receive everything Jesus paid for!

05: Generational Curses 

Curses are a spiritual reality and a tool the enemy uses to weaken God’s people. By asking God to reveal the sources of curses within your family line, you can enter the Courts of Heaven and revoke every legal right the Enemy has to your destiny and the destiny of your family.

06: Dimensions of Prayer

Jesus taught His disciples there are three dimensions of prayer to achieve breakthrough in the spirit. These are to approach God as father, as friend, and as judge. A key to unanswered prayer often lies in entering into the judicial realm and revoking the legal claims of the enemy in the Courts of Heaven.

07: Partnering with the Holy Spirit

The enemy is looking for opportunities to bring accusation against believers. By being sober and vigilant and partnering with the Holy Spirit as your legal aid, you can silence the voice of the accuser that seeks to devour God’s plans for your life.

08: Generational Blessings 

The Courts of Heaven can not only cancel negative legal issues, it can also help you reclaim generational blessings. God has chosen to bless every family line with generational calls and inheritances. Once you repent for iniquity in your family, you can legally claim all the blessings God has gifted to your family line.

09:  Praying in the Prodigals

Prodigals often have spiritual blinders on their eyes due to legal cases brought against them due to sin and iniquity. God’s heart is that they be saved, and you can partner with Him by repenting on behalf of the prodigals and requesting the assignment of blindness be revoked. 

10: Generational Iniquity

Generational iniquity is a big deal in the spirit realm. The Enemy will attempt to use the sins of your fathers to hold you back from freedom. By entering the Courts of Heaven and repenting on behalf of this iniquity you can step into wholeness and breakthrough. 

11:  The Book of Destiny 

Before you were born, God already knew the plans He chose for your life and wrote them in your book of destiny. Today you can enter the Courts of Heaven and lay claim to the grace He has appointed to you for the fulfillment of everything written in your book of destiny.

12: The Cloud of Witnesses

The cloud of witnesses is not passively cheering you on, but actively testifying in the judicial Courts of Heaven. Be inspired by the surrender of their lives to also lay your life down and engage your faith, knowing they are also interceding on behalf of God’s purposes on the earth

13:  Financial Breakthrough 

Money testifies in the Courts of Heaven. Whatever heart posture you have when you are giving, will determine whether that testimony is on your behalf or against you. Repent of any wrong heart posture and ask God to make your money speak blessing to reap the harvest of offerings given to God in righteousness.

14: Rendering Judgments 

There are times the Spirit will seek to partner with you though travail and the groanings of God. These deep utterances have a voice in the Courts of Heaven and moves God to take action and render judgments on your behalf.

Robert Henderson

Robert Henderson is a global apostolic leader who operates in revelation and impartation. His teaching empowers the body of Christ to see the hidden truths of scripture clearly and apply them for breakthrough results. Driven by a mandate to disciple nations through writing and speaking, Robert travels extensively around the globe, teaching on the Apostolic, the Kingdom of God, the “Seven Mountains” and most notable, the Courts of Heaven.

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