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How could God take a shepherd boy and turn him into a king? This is the story of King David, and it is one that continues to teach and train us today.

You were created for greatness and as you learn more of God’s incredible design for your life, your view of who you are will begin to transform. Throughout these teachings you will see how David learned to put his identity in God, how he chose the ways of honor and worship, and how he responded to adversity and correction, and you will see why God called him a man after His own heart. 

This e-course is an invitation to you to engage in the story God is writing for your life. He has called you to a great adventure, and you are the only one who can live it.  Yet with all the struggles and trials of life, too many of us abandon the identity God has called us to. This ability to persevere was empowered by David’s revelation of his identity through God. 2 Samuel 5:12 tells us that he “perceived he was king.”  He believed who God said he was and trusted that God would get him there.  

 God has great things for you and your life. Don’t let the enemy steal what is rightfully yours through Christ. Wherever you are in your life’s journey, it’s not too late to begin believing who God says you are. This is the most important journey any of us will take, becoming who God says we are!

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Heavenly Strategy to Receive a Fresh Download of God’s Plan for Your life

Power to Overcome the Plans of the enemy and Live Out the Greatness God Put in You

Here’s What’s Inside

01: An Identity Shift

David’s life is an incredible picture of what the journey into identity looks like. God has plans and purposes for you, and it requires an identity shift into who He says you are to live those purposes out.

02: Anointed for Greatness

What God says about you is more important than the negative judgements of your family, others, and even yourself. He knows who He’s created you to be, and like Samuel anointed David, He has called you to be anointed by greatness, for greatness.

03: Restoration into Identity

The enemy seeks to use the traumas of your past and family of origin to create judgments and steal your identity. This is your invitation to fight back and allow God to bring restoration to these places and step into your identity. 

04: Walking in Destiny

You can learn a lot about how God prepares you to walk in your destiny by looking at David’s process. Part of his heart of worship was remaining faithful to what was before him, as he continued to move toward his destiny. Embrace your seasons of training, allow God to do it His way, and your moment will come. 

05: Your Spiritual Weapons

So much of how God used David to defeat Goliath is unusual. This is because he was fighting from a realm in the spirit, not the natural. God will take the very weapons used against you for your victory and birth miracles out of defeat.

06: The Promotion in the Testing

God took David on a journey of testing right before he became king, and He will do the same with you. If you respond like David, with praise, and honor, you will experience what he did, and see unusual advancements under difficult circumstances.

07: Growth in Promotion

Once he was anointed as king, the identity journey wasn’t over for David. God used another king, to speak into his identity and build him an environment worthy of his calling. You have a King of Kings today who is calling you beyond your past and is building a house for you.

08: Restoration through Repentance

The challenges aren’t over once you step into your assignment. Even if you make mistakes, you must have the same response David did to repent and receive God’s restoration. He wants you to succeed and is walking with you every step of the way into your destiny.  

Dale Mast

Dale Mast is an internationally recognized prophet, teacher, author, and activator. He has written four books, with his first book, And David Perceived He Was King, has been translated into nine languages. He retired as Senior Pastor after serving forty years. Dale and his wife, LuAnne, continue to minister together internationally. They have six children; Michael (and Jess), Benjamin, Heidi, Matthew (and Zuzana), Andrew (and Amanda) and Zachary (and Amber), four grandchildren, Bailey, Lena, Logan and Maisie, and two dogs, Moses and Molly.

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