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During these powerful live sessions, Lana will help you  find clarity and steward what God has assigned to you in this era. 


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A downloadable ebook & workbook that activates you to draw near to His heart and enter into deeper realms of intimacy.  

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Gain Greater Clarity on what God is doing on the Earth in this Season!

God is moving in an unprecedented way in this new era and you’re invited to be a part of it! He is reintroducing His power to the Church and restoring His Body to the awe and wonder of His name.

 In this 10-week e-course, Lana Vawser shares a powerful prophetic vision for this season, so that you can recognize what God is doing and prepare yourself to partner with Him. Every week, you’ll receive keys for this new season. Get encouraged to step into unchartered territories with Him as you grow in yieldedness and surrender to Him. When you look into His eyes, you will gain clarity about what God is doing in this season and allow Him to divinely interrupt your life.

God longs to reveal Himself to you in new ways and transform your life from the inside out, so that you won’t even recognize yourself anymore! Invite His correction and discipline into every area of your life, because He calls every believer to walk in the light in this hour. 

Dare to step into the unexpected in your walk with the Lord and follow Him wherever He leads you. Position yourself for God’s divine reset for your life, so that everything can fall into alignment. Let supernatural courage and boldness fill you in His Presence, so you are unashamed in preaching the gospel and sharing God’s love with the people around you. Learn how to come before Him not with an agenda, but in surrender, and become deeply aware of your dependence on the Holy Spirit.

Get ready to see God do mighty miracles in your life and the world around you!

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01: A Glorious Invitation

Discover how God is moving in a new, unprecedented way this season, and how you can partner with Him by faith. Respond to God’s glorious invitation to draw close to His heart and enter into deeper realms of intimacy with Him.

02: Living from the Upper Room

Learn how to keep friendship with God as your main focus, even when everything is new and different. Step into the practice of intentionally waiting on the Lord, so you can let Him heal you, deliver you, transform you, and fill you with boldness.

03: Inspired by Kathryn Kuhlman

Learn from Kathryn Kuhlman’s life how to minister and live from complete yieldedness to God. Become more aware of your dependence on the Holy Spirit, so that you can keep any distraction or self-centeredness at bay.

04: Embracing the Changing Tones of God

Learn how to lean in when God speaks or moves in an unexpected way, so you can respond to His manifestation and invitation even when His tone has changed. 

Be empowered to become ferociously focused on seeing God’s name glorified and partner with God as He addresses the areas in the Church affected by idolatry, familiarity, and complacency.

05: The Church will Tremble Again

Learn to invite God’s purifying and refining fire that corrects anything that hinders holiness. Get empowered to seek the revelation of God’s majesty, grow in reverence of Him, and replace any familiarity with a deep longing to know Him more.

06: Back to School with the Holy Spirit

Develop a heart posture of humility where you are focused on His glory alone. Grow in humility, childlike faith and teachability.

07: Ferocious Flint-Like Focus

Learn how to not forget God in the season of increase, acceleration, and breakthrough. Choose obedience to the voice of God over even the most sparkling opportunity.

08: Stewardship

Get challenged to become an excellent steward of your assignment in God by making worship and adoration your lifestyle. Learn to steward the motivation behind your actions by letting the Holy Spirit confront any heart posture that’s not solely focused on bringing Him glory.

09: A New Level of Normal

Discover how to walk by faith and let your narrative be shaped by the conversation of heaven. Learn how to live from your seat in heavenly places and not live under your circumstances.

10: I am Weighing Your Words

Find out how to partner with God in making powerful decrees that are aligned with His heart. Receive a deep conviction and practical understanding about the power of your words.

Lana Vawser

Lana Vawser is a prophet, author, and teacher who encourages believers in deeper intimacy with God and equips them to hear His voice. Lana’s heart is for the Body of Christ to have a deeper revelation of who God is and what their inheritance is in Him. Lana grew up in the Sutherland Shire, Australia. Soon after she began her relationship with Christ in 1996, she started to grow in her prophetic gifting.

She has ministered in various roles in local churches while also sharing prophetic messages online, which are regularly featured on The Elijah List, The Australian Prophetic Council, and in Charisma Magazine. Lana has written four books: “Desperately Deep”, “The Prophetic Voice of God”, “A Time to Selah”, and “I Hear the Lord Say “New Era”. Lana has completed her Bachelor of Ministry through Tabor College, Sydney; and now resides in Adelaide, Australia with her husband Kevin and three children: Elijah, Judah, and Benjamin.

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